Blog your way into a job

Whatever your field or area of expertise, you have something to gain by blogging. If you create an online blog and make it easily accessible, for instance on the public part of your Facebook, your potential employers will see  this when they do their research on you before they decide whether to invite you for an interview or before they make the decision on whether they are going to hire you for their vacancy.

These days, it is very common for an employer to do an online search on their candidates, so now more than ever, you need to make sure you make a good impression online, even before you show up at your interview. On the most basic level, this means you can make sure the public sections of your Facebook shows who you are, that it shows your professional and dependable side.

But what this also means, is that even before your interview, you have a unique chance to show a potential employer what you can do professionally, or what kind of values you have, by writing about what you know or sharing what you think in blog form. This is most commonly referred to as leaving a “Positive Digital Footprint”.

So get writing about what you know.. show yourself as an expert in your particular field. And this applies to any field: If you’re applying for part time waiting jobs, write about fine dining etiquette or share amusing stories from your past experiences. If you’re applying for a job as a marketing assistant, write about well known brands and how you see their marketing strategy working (or not, as the case may be). And if you’re applying for gardening jobs, write about plants, gardens, weeds and so on. Whatever your field of expertise, share what you know in a blog and leave a positive digital footprint for potential employers to find when they look you up online.


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